Sotkamo’s light installation

Published 29.12.22

Hiukka light installation creates environmental art for residents and tourists

An impressive light installation has been erected on the sandy ridge at Sotkamo’s Hiukka Beach. The artwork’s theme changes according to the seasons and public holidays. Lighting poles made of Corten steel sit atop the sandy ridge, yet their rust-coloured shafts blend perfectly into the brown trunks of the pine trees during the day. The three-metre poles have mountings for two luminaires, to light both the ridge and the pines. There are a total of 28 steel poles manufactured by Tehomet, spaced at intervals of 250 metres.

Light art inspired by nature

The lights automatically switch on during the dark hours from September to March, and you can watch a six-minute light show every Saturday. The installation’s changing themes are inspired by nature – autumnal colours, winter, and the northern lights. Light art also commemorates special days that occur during darker seasons, such as Independence Day, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Jukka Laukkanen, who designed the lighting, says that his goal was to create an installation that will stand the test of time and hold people’s interest day after day. The light installation is located in the civic centre, where local residents can admire the environmental art every day and tourists can enjoy a unique experience.

Jenna Hyvönen, the electric design engineer for the Sotkamo light installation, says that cooperation with Tehomet went smoothly from the get-go and they worked together to implement any changes that arose as the project progressed. From an electrical design perspective, the greatest challenges were posed by the control system and its cabling. The surveillance cameras planned for the area also had to be taken into account in the cabling design.


The following professionals involved in the project provided background information for this article:

Jukka Laukkanen, Lighting Designer, Valosa Oy
Jenna Hyvönen, Electric Design Engineer, Afry

Location: Sotkamo, Finland

Construction year: 2021

Used in: Area lighting

Designer: Jukka Laukkanen, Valosa Oy

Photographer: Ilpo Aalto