Introducing new marketing project manager

A familiar man handles the controls of a digital overhaul: Heimo Ketola, marketing project manager

When this news comes out in November 2021, there will be quite a hustle and bustle in the back room of Tehomet’s website, which you are currently reading, even though everything looks calm on the outside. will be renovated to better meet the challenges of tomorrow. The results of the reform project, led by Heimo Ketola, will be visible online in 2022.

What does site renewal mean in practice?

Renewal is perhaps a bit of a bland expression, especially when the whole package is being rebuilt from scratch. We are updating the technology of the site, refreshing the layout, and making a great effort to make the information easy to find. Our site is a daily source of information for numerous designers and other lighting professionals.

What features of Tehomet do you want to highlight on the new site?

I would like to highlight and make known to everyone the strengths of Tehomet, which have made it a leading Nordic player in its field. Based on direct feedback from customers, Tehomet has great customer service that always provides an answer to any question, and the service is not just talk. Customers return to do business with Tehomet time and time again, because Tehomet has a phenomenal ability to tailor its solutions to its customers’ wishes. Others cannot do this.

Heimo and Tehomet have known each other for years. More than ten years ago, Heimo was involved in designing marketing materials for Tehomet, then as an employee of an advertising agency. The redesign of the web site, which began this autumn, is a natural continuum for a designer who has completed more than 13 years of his career in graphic design and digital marketing.

The fact that most of Tehomet’s people are already familiar with Heimo makes project management remotely easier. The digital nature of the work and the good remote connections also allow Heimo to be part of the work community at a distance of 250 kilometres from Kangasniemi.

I wouldn’t survive this alone! I have the support of the entire experienced Tehomet team, and the technical side of the site is handled by a qualified digital agency selected for the task. So, my job is to keep this digital scaffolding upright, schedules in order, and employees in a good mood.

What kinds of things do you spend time on when not considering developing digital marketing?

Even a year ago, I would have replied that I swim, cycle, and run, that is, I do triathlon, but knee pain has kept me away from jogging for a painfully long time. Exercise is a way for me to take care of my mental health, as well, kind of ventilating my thoughts. I am currently rehabilitating my knee in the gym and tuning myself into swimming again. However, my most important role in my free time is to be a spouse and a father, that is, I strive to be present for my important people.

We will hear updates about the major digital overhaul before it is completed, most likely on Tehomet’s social media channels, so now is a good time to follow up on Tehomet’s Facebook and LinkedIn channels.

How would you develop the Tehomet website? How could it better serve you? If you have any thoughts or questions for Heimo, he can be reached by phone on +358 50 597 3774 and by email at heimo.ketola at

Contact information:

Marketing project manager
Heimo Ketola

Location: Helsinki
+358 50 597 3774
heimo.ketola (at)