Recent addition to the Tehomet team: site leader Ismo Nironen

Ismo Nironen started as a site leader at Tehomet in September, and he is responsible for managing the Tehomet Group as a whole and taking care of financial administration.

Ismo’s long career includes a variety of responsible positions in finance and economic administration. He has served as a controller, CFO, and financial manager, as well as a general manager.

“The most challenging and at the same time the most popular task has been to manage growth in situations where the company’s turnover increases almost tenfold.” – Ismo Nironen

At Tehomet, too, Ismo’s job is largely to crunch numbers, find out causes and consequences, and implement planned measures together with the entire organisation. Ismo is pleased to note that in addition to the domestic and Baltic units, he has access to the global resources offered by the entire Valmont Group.

Ismo’s path to his current duties has not always been the most predictable and straightforward route. His first idea was to design ships for the shipyard, but the commercial side eventually pulled harder. After a line [BM1] in accounting at the Turku School of Economics, he planned to pursue postgraduate studies at the School of Economics, but working life was more attractive, and he finished his studies. Only after almost 20 years of his career did Ismo return to studies. He enrolled at the University of Lappeenranta and completed an MBA in strategic management.

What personal qualities can you take advantage of in your new role?

I am curious and willing to learn. Because I have extensive experience in the area, it creates a calm reassurance that things will be taken care of. These things are done by people; people can take care of them as well.

How do you see Tehomet in 5 years?

Hmmm … if you look five years back at what it was then, and if the pace stays the same, then all sorts of new things are coming. The world is revolutionising at a rapid pace. The poles will hardly be discarded, they are Tehomet’s own territory, but what comes after them is another matter. There will be more and more intelligence, digitalisation, and environmental issues that will change the way we do things in the future.

What things relax you in your free time?

My free time is spent listening to audio books and reading them in the traditional form. During the summer, I ride my motorcycle and enjoy the Finnish summer on the road. I play guitar and bass in various ensembles, mostly blues and old dance music. Rock and blues of the 1960s and 70s – such as Led Zeppelin, Muddy Waters and Cream – suit my own music taste best. I have laughed that I am a bassist from Turku and a left defender when I played hockey. That’s quite a resume already!

Ismo’s workplace is at Tehomet’s Kangasniemi office, but the work is also handled flexibly from his hometown in Taipalsaari.

Tehomet’s numbers are clearly in stable and calm hands. Welcome to Tehomet to strengthen the growing team, Ismo!


Contact information:

Site Leader
Ismo Nironen

Location: Kangasniemi
+358 400 863 329
ismo.nironen (at)