Superior quality and production efficiency with Tehomet Baltic OÜ’s new production technology

Tehomet Baltic OÜ has just implemented new cutting-edge automated production line for steel lighting pole manufacturing

This production line combines five work processes into one – sawing, deburring, lubricating, punching and pressing – resulting in a 60% reduction in labor costs, increased production efficiency and improved work safety. The new production line consistently produces superior quality, ensures production stability, reduces raw material consumption and generation of scrap.

Check out the benefits of our new production technology for steel lighting pole manufacturing:

·      Servo-controlled sawing support for high precision

·      Hydraulic pressing with encoder feedback for +/- 0.5mm accuracy

·      Fully configurable for poles ranging from 1000mm to 4500mm in length and 60mm to 115mm in diameter.

The highly automated production line was designed and delivered by Smitech OÜ. The control and security systems are built on Siemens technology, ensuring reliability and safety.

We are proud to be able to offer our customers even more consistent and efficient production of steel poles in Kiiu.