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The paint shop, located next to Tehomet's lighting pole factory in Kangasniemi is one of Finland's biggest. Covering a total floor area of 2,760 square meters. The modern paint shop's equipment includes for example a large 13-meter oven in which 12-meter long poles and other long structures can be finished. Painting of significantly longer items can be carried out using the traditional wet painting method. Actual paint work is performed by the experienced company FSP Finnishing Steel Paiting Oy. 

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The traditional wet painting method has good anti-corrosion properties, good weather resistance and good mechanical and chemical durability. As a painting method wet painting is a good solution when the product’s size or weight class is not suitable e.g. for powder coating. Wet painting is also used when special colour shades are needed or when particular properties are required of the paint. The UV-resistance of the wet painting can be improved by applying a polyurethane clear coat.


Powder coating is a fast, durable and environmentally-friendly solution. Powder paints contain no volatile organic compounds and can be used to obtain a strong paint surface resistant to mechanical and chemical abrasion. Due to its electric charge powder paint spreads into small pits and depressions so it is also highly suitable for more multi-dimensional pieces. The same method can also be used to produce a resilient Plascoat thermoplastic coating to which stickers do not adhere nor tongues stick in freezing weather. In addition it has the advantage of being easy to maintain.


Modern methods and tools can be used to create for products highly individual surface solutions and different kinds of structures. Examples of this are effects that mimic old copper or modern carbon fibre surfaces. In addition special coatings fulfill the technical requirements set for products.  


Our paint shop can also fulfill more specialised requests for example by combining different coating methods or by discovering other solutions to meet the customer’s wishes. Contact us with your questions. Tell us your ideas!