Steel lighting poles

Light and shadow shape our environment everywhere; light enhances our sense of security, helps us orient ourselves, and creates rich experiences. Throughout our more than 30 years in business, Tehomet has been involved in implementing numerous lighting projects in many contrasting locations.

2008 installation video of Tehomet lighting poles in Vuosaari Harbour located in Helsinki, Finland. 

Besides being part of our social infrastructure, lighting poles are also an element of our urban culture. At its best, a well implemented outdoor lighting project adds character to a locale and provides insights into the history, culture and social environment of the installation's setting. Tehomet’s expert personnel are your reliable partner for a successful project implementation, whether it be a conventional road/street lighting solution or an individual lighting installation.

Our long experience as an expert in the many aspects of metal working has helped us establish our position as the leading pole manufacturer in our market area.

Our products are dimensioned and manufactured according to the international EN 40 standard, taking local wind and terrain conditions into account. Poles and arms are manufactured using high-grade low-silicon steel (Si + P ≤ 0.04%), which ensures a bright and uniform galvanized surface.


Standard Series

Our standard series offers a comprehensive range of standard products for all kinds of park, street, road and area lighting needs. Pole arms are available in different outreaches: one- and two-armed even up to four meters. As an option, poles can be supplied equipped e.g. with a standard flange (e.g., parking facility ceiling covers, bedrock installations) or a power socket installation plate (festive lighting installations, etc.). It is also possible to obtain most poles equipped with two hand holes.

Our products can be painted in our modern painting unit in the colour chosen by the customer using either a powder coating or wet painting process. This not only enhances the product’s appearance, but also improves the hot dip galvanized steel structure’s capacity to withstand external wear and tear (air impurities, moisture etc.).