Conical poles

Tehomet offers modern street and road lighting with its conical poles. The conical shape of poles ensures an ideal relationship between stress and appearance. The base chamfer eases the installation and centering of a pole into a prefabricated concrete foundation and transmits load evenly from steel to concrete. Seamless conical poles are visually flawless. Several variations are available by combining this simple, elegant pole shaft with different kinds of arms and brackets.

Product sizing: standard EN 40-3-3.Product manufacturing: standard EN 40-5
Raw material: low-silicon steel (Si + P ≤ 0.04%).
Zinc coating: international standard EN ISO 1461 (layer thickness typically <90 μm)
Spigot: diameter 60 mm and length 100 mm
Attachment of the arm: There are two sets of screws with 3 x 120° division at the top of the pole
(not in straight conical poles) to attach the arm easily and securely.