Pole structure

Tehomet’s decorative wooden poles are manufactured from PEFC certified Finnish timber. PEFC certification is based on monitoring by an external independent body and it guarantees that the wood has been responsibly acquired.

Glulam beam used to manufacture Tehomet decorative wooden poles fulfils the requirements set for load-bearing structures by EN 1995-1-5 (Eurocode 5). This ensures the structural strength of the poles considering the luminaire’s weight and wind loads even in extreme conditions. Strength calculations are carried out applying the same calculation principles as for load-bearing structures of buildings.

To meet strength requirements, we use GL28 class glulam beams that fulfils the demands of the EN 14080 and EN 386 standards. The glue used in the laminated wood fulfils the requirements of the EN 301 standard, Class 1. The design and rating of poles has been conducted in accordance with the EN 40 standard, Parts 3-1 and 3-3, and in steel poles the EN 40 standard, Part 5.

The wooden shaft is connected in to a steel base, enabling the wooden pole to be installed in to a concrete foundation or direct to a soil with a root.

The luminaire is easily installed into a spigot in the top of the pole.