Strandlykkja, Norway

A great example of new Scandinavian infrastructure projects is the newly opened rest stops along E6 highway about 70 km north from Oslo, Norway. The new rest stops will make the traveller wonder at the scenery and possibly stay for a moment longer. Significant part of the resting areas’ design is an installation with massive 12 meter high wood masts, which are all individually tilted creating a fan to complement road curvature.

Each mast is equipped with mirror glasses in their top and behind those mirrors is installed DMX controlled LED matrix lights, that create dynamic effect resembling movement of the Sun above the mountain tops. In addition to Tehomet wood masts the installation is accented with Tehomet stainless steel poles.


Lighting and lighting design
ÅF Lighting Norja; Morten Jensen, Eli Janne Sauar


The purpose of the Pulse project is to offer stimulating impulses to the travelers keeping them active and this way improving the road safety. For the lighting in the resting areas special attention was given to routes' adequate lighting levels, comfortable and attractive solutions on the pedestrian areas and also low intensity on the truck parking/resting areas, where the drivers are given a comfortable moment to rest without being on the spotlight. Also extra attention was given to avoid not to have glare to road users passing by, not to forget lighting of the enters and exits with high enough intensity.