Light well

Lahti, Finland

Interactivity and archeological findings feature a large role in the lighting scheme of new Lahti market square. Designer Reija Pasanen and architect Marjut Kauppinen have realized a unique lighting concept mixing cutting edge technology and old tradition.

The design team’s concept convinced the jury of the lighting design competition by highlighting one of the most important inspiration being the history of the city. As the underground parking below the market square was built, they found out, that over 150 years ago in that area had been several small houses with their yards and wells. As the wells had played a significant role in the past in the communities, it inspired the new concept of the Light Well. A well was a meeting point in the past, so why couldn’t it be that nowadays, despite we are having water taps in our houses?

Light Well is just a part of market square’s lighting, but as a single item the most interesting for the public. The installation was inspired with old well sweeps, which were found underneath the square. Installation’s lighting pole resembles a well sweep, whereas the well itself is seen in the granite pawing, which is surfaced with a glass, and under the glass presented historical map of Lahti square area and interactive lighting. Blue and green-blue lighting effects react to people walking on top of the glass same time creating the experience of water. This monument attracts people from baby to pensioner to step on it and enjoy the waves follow one’s steps and react to the movement. The Light Well is today a meeting point for the citizens and the same time also a small stage for different events in the heart of Lahti city.

In addition to the Light Well the sidewalks are decorated with custom made Tehomet lighting poles equipped with special luminaires and LED-spots. Their light will project footprints of both people and horses to the ground.


Light Well concept team
Concept and design: Reija Pasanen (studio Lux Nova)
Technical production: Tapio Järvinen (Studiotec)
Interactive production: Mitja Prelovšek & David Žalik (The Invisible)

Lahti market square Light Well design team
Lighting design: Reija Pasanen (STUDIO LUX NOVA) and
Marjut Kauppinen (Architect Office Marjut Kauppinen Ltd)
Electrical engineering: Teuvo Hopponen and Tony Nelin (SEU)