Rovaniemi, FInland

The Rakovalkea lighting pole design is based on the spellbinding fires of Lapland, Finland's northernmost province. The inspiration came from the city of Rovaniemi, a commercial center of the region situated just 10 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle. The form, movements and colors of the traditional Finnish campfire, or Rakovalkea, have been integrated into the lighting pole and brought into the center of Rovaniemi.


VALOA design Ltd


The Rakovalkea lighting pole is a combination of steel, wood and LED lighting techniques. Using RGB LED technology, the pole system has been programmed to change its colour and movement according to the time of the year.

The poles follow the ambiance of natural light; in the autumn and around Christmas the focus is on warm, fiery shades and in midwinter cooling shades, reflecting the mood of the ‘blue moment’ as twilight becomes night time.

The basis of the design concept is indirect lighting, which much like a campfire, casts a glowing illumination across the pedestrian area.