Janne already has already gained versatile experience working at Tehomet

A familiar man rumbles in the controls of a digital overhaul: Heimo Ketola, Marketing Project Manager

Tehomet's standard products, galvanized steel columns in a new role in Kilpisjärvi.

Discover new target images of our wonderful projects both in Finland and abroad!

Ismo Nironen started as a site leader at Tehomet in September, he is responsible for managing the Tehomet Group as a whole and taking care of financial administration.

Tehomet is participating in the Expo2020 Dubai, which will be the world premiere for the fast 5G network based on smart poles developed in Finland.

Factories opening hours during the summer season.

The collaboration within the Nokia-driven LuxTurrim5G ecosystem has progressed nicely despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The extensive company consortium developing a digital backbone for the Smart City has now reached an important milestone when its key element, 5G smart pole, has progressed from development stage into pre-commercial product. It is in fact a product family of smart poles, which can meet the various needs of cities. The modular structure allows for poles in different sizes, integration of various devices and implementation of required digital services based on usage and surrounding area. The ecosystem partners are currently working on finalising the collaboration model to bring the product to markets.

Tehomet supplied tens of painted conical masts to support area lighting and safer environment.

Tehomet has been selected as the supplier of tramway-, lighting -and traffic light poles in a large-scale project

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A company consortium led by Nokia is targeting the global smart city markets, worth tens of billions of euros. The LuxTurrim5G ecosystem has just completed a one-of-a-kind piloting environment that boosts the development of new data-driven services for cities both in Finland and abroad. It covers the route from Nokia HQ Campus in Espoo, Finland, to the near-by Kera railway station. Comprising of 19 smart poles with the latest 5G technology and altogether 250 interconnected devices it brings super-fast connectivity and extensive sensor network available for practical piloting of digital smart city services.

Tehomet takes serious cautions for Covid-19 outbreak.

Event will be postponed to September 2020.

Tehomet’s Estonian subsidiary, Tehomet Baltic OÜ, has been awarded with an ISO 9001 certificate.

Nokia, together with a multidisciplinary group of companies and research groups, is creating the digital backbone of the smart city and new data-based services. In the second phase of the LuxTurrim5G ecosystem projects, the recently developed 5G smart pole concept is moving towards productization and practical piloting. Another major goal is to create a platform utilizing a wide variety of data in a reliable and secured way and develop new digital services to meet real needs of cities. This includes also evaluating and piloting of a Neutral host operating model for high-speed city networks. Through a two-year, EUR 26 million, intensive co-development effort the group of 26 partners target the global smart city markets worth tens of billions euros.

After the successful proof-of-concept development phase of the 5G smart pole which integrates 5G base stations, a variety of different sensors, video cameras, displays and other devices to light poles LuxTurrim5G ecosystem will now move on to the next level.

Happy new year 2019! Meet and greet us in two Finnish exhibitions.

Tehomet participates trade fair event at Frankfurt am Main 18.-23.3.2018.

We have recently invested in getting more expertise in sales and customer service to Kangasniemi and Parikkala.

Tehomet´s new dedicated website presenting decorative wooden poles has been released!

Find inspiration to your lighting projects from our new wooden poles catalogue. Order your copy today!

Come to meet, greet and see new products of Tehomet at two finnish exhibitions!

Tehomet participates at Smart solutions from Finland in finnish consortium stand at Amsterdamin Smart City -event 7.-10.6.2016.

Tehomet will deliver the Arab Emirates with 788 decorative wooden poles equipped with individual solar panels. The poles will be located in the first about 400 hectar part of the upcoming Dubai Zoo

Competition of Tehomet 35-years ended in January and lucky winner of travel gift voucher of 800 euro became Suvi Klemola, Finland! Congratulations for Suvi and all the participants in competition! We also draw some minor product gifts and will ship them during the week 8.

Tehomet has travelled Light all the Way with you over last 35 years. Since the designers with their outside-of-the-Box thinking and our customers with demand of the highest quality have played significant role changing the looks of urban lighting furniture, we decided to launch a new web site, where you can vote for your favourite project along our mutual journey. The same time you can participate to a draw, where the first price is a travel gift card worth 800 € in addition to product merchandise.

Tehomet was rewarded with two awards during the Annual Valmont Leadership Conference which was held in Omaha in June. Tehomet was recognized due to its financial and productive efficiency during the year 2013.

Tehomet participates in Light in the city- event at Tartu, Estonia during 7.-9.5.2014. Event is organized by Jyväskylä City Of Light -organisation.