Valmont Industries, Inc. is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of metal poles. The company is listed in the United States on the New York Stock Exchange. In addition to poles, Valmont manufactures products for the needs of wireless communications and public utilities. Its product range includes special lighting poles and masts, irrigation equipment for agricultural use, and miscellaneous support structures. Valmont manufactures and finishes itself the tubing it needs for poles.

Valmont history

The seeds of Valmont’s success were planted in the farm field in 1946. After serving in World War II as a Marine, Robert B. Daugherty began looking for a business opportunity and discovered a small manufacturing company owned by an inventor named Sam McCleneghan. Daugherty invested his savings – $5,000 – in the company. Situated on a farm west of Valley, Nebraska, the company operated under the name of Platte Valley Manufacturing Company and sold built-to-order grain elevators and wagon boxes to farmers.

Daugherty and McCleneghan were later introduced to Harold Stump, a farm equipment buyer from Sears Roebuck Company. With Stump’s initial order of 1,000 grain elevators, the young company was on its way to mass production and physical expansion.

The company, later referred to as Valley Manufacturing, soon diversified its product lines with 176items like speed jacks, accessories for the elevator, stalk cutters for corn farmers, and the Clod Buster.

In 1952, a recession in the farm industry forced the business to diversify. Enter Frank Zyback, a wheat farmer who, after seeing a demonstration of hand-moved pipe, built a prototype center pivot. After refining his basic design, Zyback agreed to license his patent to Daugherty in 1954.

Valmont's engineers spent the next several years improving Zybach's innovative design, making it sturdier, taller, and more reliable. 

The center pivot became the catalyst for Valley’s phenomenal growth. Through a network of dedicated dealers, Valley Manufacturing’s center pivot mechanical irrigation equipment gradually made its way around the world, revolutionizing agriculture throughout North America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Far East and Middle East.

The flow of innovation didn’t stop with the center pivot. After an unsuccessful search for suppliers of the pipe needed to manufacture the irrigation equipment, Valley decided to create its own pipe mill. Thus was born the tubing division.

When Valley Manufacturing – renamed Valmont Industries in 1967 – installed a hot dip galvanizing process for its own irrigation pipe, customers began asking the company to provide galvanizing services for their products. Later, the coatings division was formed to provide galvanizing for others. Today, Valmont is the largest custom galvanizer in North America.

Later on, when the company saw that its internally engineered equipment for shaping and welding pipe was suited for fabricating poles, Valmont entered the structures market. Today, Valmont is the only company in the industry to provide a comprehensive product selection for the utility, wireless communication, transportation and commercial lighting markets.