Tehomet HE safety poles

The new Tehomet HE Safety Pole raises passive roadside safety to a completely new level of appearance.

This seamless, round conical safety pole is developed for roadside projects that require high energy absorption capabilities with occupant-friendly crash behavior. The triggered structure of Tehomet HE safety poles is constructed from low-silicon-content, high-strength steel, providing tremendous static stability yet enabling low decelerations when high-energy absorption is needed in a collision situation. Controlled crash behavior will significantly diminish occupant injury risk.

Combining our expertise in decorative steel product manufacturing and modern powder coating facilities, passive safety lighting structures have never before been this attractive.

Tehomet Safety Poles – High energy absorbing safety poles (according to EN12767). Partial safety class A, reference wind speed vref 21m/s.

HE12 turvapylväsrunko

Weight (kg)




Pole shape


Lighting height (m)

Shaft top diameter (mm)


Arm/cross arm type

no arms

Arm outreach/cross arm width (mm)

Arm diameter (mm)


Spigot diameter (mm)

Embedding (mm)

Base diameter (mm)

Door width x height (mm)

Connection compartment internal dimensions (mm)

Distance door bottom to ground (mm)


For a shaft alone, we do not give a recommendation for foundation, because the choice of arm or cross arm has a substantial effect on the whole.

Contact our sales to get a foundation recommendation for the shaft and arm combination you choose.