Why choose Tehomet?

We are an innovative, reliable and competent trailblazer.
That’s quite a claim, but we believe it, because our customers have said it.

What makes Tehomet special?

Together we are stronger

Tehomet is the Nordic countries’ largest manufacturer of custom steel and wooden light poles, arms for light poles, and high masts. As part of the global group Valmont Industries Inc., we are the primary supplier of infrastructure solutions in our area thanks to the unique added value we provide through our design, innovation, production and commercial expertise.

Financially stable

Tehomet is known as a financially stable and reliable partner that is ready to commit to long-term cooperation with its customers. We have held the highest possible credit rating (AAA) for years. International credit information firm Dun & Bradstreet has given Tehomet a “Lowest Credit Risk” rating.


Our responsible approach to the environment and the communities in our operating regions is reflected in everything we do. We are continually exploring how we can further develop our processes, save energy, and make the most efficient use of raw materials. We have improved both the traceability of raw materials and the sustainability of the entire supply chain –although we understand that there is still a lot of work to do in this area.

A flexible forty-year-old

Our customers appreciate our flexibility when it comes to challenging original projects. Our lengthy experience brings confidence and agility.

“If the kind of pole I need doesn’t exist, it will be made. A solution has always been found –and not just any old solution, but one that has satisfied both me and the client.”


A Finnish family business

Tehomet’s more than forty-year journey is the staggering success story of a family business that became an international company. Above all, it has been the story of the Kettunen family, Pentti and Jarkko. Tehomet employs dozens of local experts in three municipalities. For many long-term customers, Tehomet is still the same familiar and easily approachable company that has always provided the best service and broadest range of products in the lighting industry.

Highly praised customer service

Feedback indicates that we have made a favourable impression on our customers. They contact us because we treat every project like it’s our own. We always finish the job, and are available whenever we are needed.

“Excellent customer service – I can always get the help and information I need. Few companies are able to put enough effort into this.”


An unbeatable product range

Over the decades, our product offerings have evolved to meet even the most demanding requirements for light poles and traffic infrastructure. Please contact our sales team if you can’t find a suitable solution for your project from among our standard range, custom products, high masts, traffic infrastructure products or smart traffic infrastructure products. We will happily accept the challenge.


We don’t rest on our laurels

Although we have an acclaimed product range and highly satisfied customers, we don’t take them for granted. We are forerunners in developing future infrastructure together with our partners. And we will continue to be an uncompromising trailblazer with the flexibility to meet our customers’ challenges, both large and small.


We’ll let our customers tell you in their own words

“Your competitive advantage lies in your speedy responses to queries. I’ve never had to turn away a client because I haven’t received a timely response. The answer has always come in time.”
“Customisation is your trump card. I can get anything I need. Deliveries are quick and also cost-effective, even if I only require some minor customisation of the basic version.”
“Tehomet’s contact person will always handle things quickly and openly. It’s one of the main reasons why I’ve used Tehomet. “
“If I ask someone for help, they often say: ask Tehomet, they usually have some kind of solution for this.”
“There are no stupid questions. They have answers for everything. “
“The kind of partner for both custom structures and standard products that, when asked, will almost always be able to say ‘yes’ or ‘we’ll look into it’. When designers know they’ll be getting good service, it gives them the freedom to be more creative.”
“An approachable and person-centred company with service-minded personnel.”
“An extensive product range and reliable deliveries. A proactive sales team.”

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