About our wood products

Raw materials

Strength-graded glued laminated timber guarantees a long service life and good tensile properties for our wooden poles.

Tehomet uses glulam beams that are made from Finnish PEFC-certified pine in controlled industrial processes. This results in products with excellent strength and rigidity properties.

The environment

The fact that it is made of wood already indicates that a wooden pole is an environmentally conscious choice. Wood is a warm, beautiful and durable material. Relative to its weight, wood is more durable than any other material.

Environmental values will also play an increasingly important role in outdoor lighting projects. Tehomet’s decorative wooden poles offer a unique opportunity to take environmental values to the next level.

Wooden pole structure

The basic structure of Tehomet’s wooden light poles is very similar to that of its steel poles. However, the structure of a wooden pole must always take the special characteristics of wood into consideration. Wooden poles have a long history during which the best solutions for all structural challenges have been developed.


Tehomet’s wooden poles are manufactured at our factory in Parikkala using high-quality materials and world-class expertise to fulfil the customer’s order.


Wood protection and surface treatment

Our wooden poles are coated in several protective layers, each with its own job to do. Protective agents that are both water-soluble and environmentally friendly help our wooden poles to stay beautiful for a long time.


Calculation models have been used to ensure that all of our wooden light poles meet the requirements set for them, and the poles in our standard collection have also been laboratory tested. All new models are tested using our own equipment to identify any potential vulnerabilities.

Packaging and transport

We package our wooden poles using as little material as possible, yet without compromising on necessary protection. This ensures that as little waste as possible is generated on construction sites.

We plan our deliveries so that our products arrive in the right place at the right time as cost-effectively as possible.


In order to ensure faultless service year after year, wooden structures require occasional maintenance and some repairs when necessary. Inspection and basic maintenance can be carried out on site with the wooden light pole in an upright position.