Custom products

Tehomet’s custom products share two things in common: an impressive appearance and custom dimensioning. These products are not available in our standard collection. That’s why custom products are always created together with our customers according to their unique requirements.

Decorative aluminium poles

Aluminium takes modern forms

Decorative aluminium poles manufactured by Valmont France are available through Tehomet. This extensive range includes

  • aluminium poles with arms
  • sculptured poles
  • laser-cut poles with backlighting.

Click the link below to read more about our aluminium products or contact us for assistance. Tehomet’s sales team will be happy to help you find the right product for your next project.


Weatherproof steel poles

The rugged beauty of a rust patina

Weatherproof steel is an ingenious option when you are seeking a rugged look. The material doesn’t need any additional surface treatment, as the chemical composition of the steel leads to the formation of a rust patina on the surface, and this layer protects the steel from rusting.

Weatherproof steel gives designers more freedom, as there are no limitations imposed by surface treatments. All kinds of shapes are available from regular conical poles to more unusual customized profiles, and weatherproof steel is also ideal for making the decorative elements used in standard structures.


Area demarcation and atmosphere creation

Tehomet’s wooden and steel bollards can be used to demarcate areas, illuminate routes, control traffic and create a desired atmosphere. They are typically used in a variety of urban settings, walkways, parks, architectural lighting, driveways and car parks.

Wooden bollards are individually made to suit each model of luminaire. You should also check out Tehomet’s steel bollards, which enable the integration of functions such as charging technology. One of a bollard’s most important tasks is to stylishly supply an area with electricity for an event.

Unique works of light art

When standard solutions are not enough

Works of light art are unique, and often site-specific, artworks or installations that are dreamt up by creative designers. Or else something completely different.

The material used for a unique work of light art can be anything, but we are undoubtedly at our best when designing and building metal and wooden structures. We have been working metal for more than 40 years, so experience is not an issue.