Weatherproof steel poles

Ruosteisia putkia


More environmentally friendly than ordinary steel

Weatherproof steel is an extremely strong and durable material with exceptionally good weather resistance. It doesn’t require any surface treatments or maintenance, which makes it more environmentally friendly than ordinary steel.

Patina protects and beautifies

Weatherproof steel is structural steel that contains alloying elements such as copper, chromium, nickel and phosphorus. Thanks to its composition, a dense oxide layer forms on the steel’s surface and protects it from harmful, deep-penetrating rust. The resulting surface corrosion does not thin the metal.

Over the years, the orangey brown patina that forms on the steel’s surface gradually turns a deeper brown. Regular fluctuations between humid and dry air will accelerate the formation of the patina. Weatherproof steel should not be used indoors, as no patina will form in stable conditions (either dry or humid).

Although weatherproof steel does not require any protection or maintenance during its lifecycle, it can still be painted. If the painted surface gets scratched, the steel’s self-repairing surface will prevent corrosion from spreading underneath the painted surface.

Weatherproof steel is often referred to as COR-TEN. It is a trademark owned by the US Steel Corporation that can only be used for weatherproof steel manufactured under license.


Case: weatherproof steel poles in Laukaa, Finland

A unique weatherproof steel solution according the customer’s wishes. These distinctive light poles were inspired by rock paintings created by the area’s ancient inhabitants.

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Pylväät säänkestävästä teräksestä Laukaassa

Always designed on a case-by-case basis

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