Standard products

Tehomet’s standard products are a reliable and obvious choice for most road, street and area lighting. Our standard range contains both seasoned veterans and newcomers, such as decorative steel and wooden poles.

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Stepped poles

A traditional favourite

Traditional stepped poles have retained their popularity for decades. Their clean lines and sturdy shaft guarantees a durable and timeless solution. Tehomet’s extensive range of stepped poles encompasses both shorter models for parks and taller poles for roadside lighting.

Tehomet’s stepped poles are manufactured from high-quality low-silicon steel. Cold-moulding technology is used to make the joints, which ensures concentricity between all the different sizes of tubing. Thanks to its low energy consumption, cold-moulding technology is also more environmentally friendly.

Many stepped poles can also be equipped with a variety of different arms. In addition to a traditional hot-dip galvanized surface, stepped poles can also be powder coated or thermoplastic coated in a broad range of colours.

Conical poles

Clean, elegant lines

Tehomet’s conical poles are a simple and stylish solution for all kinds of road, street and area lighting. A conical pole can elegantly withstand even heavier loads.

Conical poles can be equipped with a traditional standard arm or a more distinctive decorative arm from our extensive range.

Our standard-compliant conical poles have a base chamfer to facilitate installation and centring in a prefabricated foundation. The base chamfer also evenly distributes loads from the steel to the concrete.

Seamless conical shafts guarantee a visually flawless solution, and especially when the poles are painted or thermoplastic coated.

In our hands, steel can take on many forms. So please do contact our sales team if you can’t find a product to suit your vision in our standard range.

Cylindrical poles

A sturdy round profile

Tehomet’s cylindrical poles have a sturdy round profile that is ideal for lighting parks and yards. They are easily equipped with a variety of spigot adapters to give an aesthetically pleasing result.

Their non-tapering profile also makes it easy to attach spotlights and pendant lights. Cylindrical profiles are also excellent for creating unique perforated patterns.

Tehomet’s cylindrical poles are available with hot-dip galvanized, painted and thermoplastic surfaces.

Please remember that our standard range is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the full range of possibilities. Our product design team will be happy to help you realize even the most demanding of plans. Tell us your lighting requirements and we’ll work together to create something unique!

Safety poles

Safety doesn’t need to look boring

Tehomet’s HE safety poles combine passive safety with high-quality, technically advanced and aesthetically pleasing roadside lighting in an unprecedented manner.

Tehomet has been developing its safety poles since 2010. Long-term product development has resulted in a comprehensive range of collision friendly conical poles that save lives. Safety poles comes in heights of 8, 10, 12, 15 and 18 meters.

Spotlight poles

Precision lighting

Tehomet’s spotlight poles are intended for use in, for example, architectural lighting when you want to light facades or other objects from the ground.

Spotlight poles consist of a shaft and spotlight arm. The pole’s clean lines and rigid structure enable us to create sets of different heights. The length of the arm can also be adapted to suit your lighting needs.

Please contact us if you can’t find a suitable solution in our standard range. Tell us your lighting needs and we’ll come up with a solution together.

Standard wooden poles

11 modern models of wooden pole

Tehomet’s wooden poles are a durable and environmentally friendly solution for park and street lighting. Our standard range includes 11 modern models that can be customized using a variety of arms, wooden and steel components, and structural surface effects on the wooden sections.

Standard poles of more than 6 meters in height can be equipped with arms from our standard range or a luminaire manufacturer’s luminaire-specific arms. We can also design and implement individual arm solutions for all models.

Tehomet’s shorter wooden poles (Park) are designed for use with top-mounted luminaires and can be equipped with standard spigots of Ø60 mm and Ø76 mm in diameter.


Standard solutions for wooden and steel poles

Tehomet’s wooden poles can be equipped with six standard arms that have been designed to hold one or two luminaires. The upright arm Aarki enables more luminaires to be mounted on top of a pole. Use our product search to find pole arms and wall brackets for our steel poles as well.

Please contact our sales team if our range of standard arms doesn’t meet your requirements. We’ll be happy to help you modify them as necessary.

Decorative wooden poles

Distinctive wooden light poles

When you are looking for an impressive lighting pole with sculpture-like qualities, the answer lies in Tehomet’s decorative wooden poles.

These light poles have been shaped by the skilled hands of Tehomet’s woodworkers, resulting in an extensive and impressive range of wooden light poles: For example, the Kiaro pole has been twisted into the shape of a corkscrew.

Please notice that some of our Decorative Wooden Pole models are made their way to under our search function. Ask more from our sales.