Traffic infrastructure

We are proud of the position we have attained as Finland’s leading provider of transit infrastructure.

Tehomet’s transit structures are always designed on a project-by-project basis. If you need a reliable partner to build safer and smoother transit infrastructure, you know who to call: our sales team.

Tramway poles

Customized catenary support structures

Tehomet is helping to create the low-emission public transport of the future by building steel structures for use in tramways. Tehomet’s catenary support poles have been used in several tramway projects both in Finland and abroad.

Catenary support structures – or more commonly tramway poles – are almost always tailored to each project. The customer’s desired aesthetic is taken into account, which means that the pole can take almost any shape from a basic cylinder to multifaceted decorative work.

Traffic portals

No matter what kind of traffic portals you need, you will be sure to find them at Tehomet – Finland’s leading provider of transit infrastructure.

If you are looking for traditional traffic portals as specified in the Finnish Road Administration’s standard-project drawings (Ty 12/111–Ty 12/140), then you’ve come to the right place. And if you need a customized solution in line with your city or municipality’s own model, our lengthy experience guarantees that we can supply that too.

We also design and manufacture unique decorative portals to meet our customer’s individual needs. We are familiar with the requirements of transit infrastructure, and always provide solutions that combine durability and cost-effectiveness with an appearance that suits the surroundings.

We have been manufacturing steel traffic control structures for many years, and are now the leading manufacturer of infrastructure structures in Finland. We are well-versed in making structures for traffic lights and signage.

Traffic light poles

Roadside transit infrastructure

Tehomet also offers traditional traffic light poles for roads, including push-button poles for pedestrian crossings. Our traffic light poles are made from high-quality low-carbon steel (Si + P ≤ 0.04 %) in order to achieve a vibrant and uniform galvanized surface.

We are also happy to design and manufacture traffic light poles with custom dimensions.


Steel structures for signage

A comprehensive package from strength calculations to manufacture

We design and manufacture a variety of steel structures for traffic control and roadside telematics equipment. Over the years, we have been involved in implementing steel structures for all of Finland’s major roads.

Our profound expertise covers the design of steel structures for transit infrastructure, which means that we can provide the full package: design, strength calculations, manufacturing and delivery. When designing steel structures for variable message signs, our experienced designers know how to take the weight and wind surface area of the equipment into account.