Safety poles

Our seamless round conical safety pole is made from high-quality low-silicon steel and is ideal for road lighting that requires both good static rigidity and a structure that will absorb a great deal of collision energy. Safety poles are typically located in the vicinity of intersections and lanes for bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

In the event of an accident, HE safety poles will absorb the kinetic energy of the vehicle in a controlled manner and thereby substantially reduce the risk of injury to the vehicle’s occupants.

A unique safety product

Safety poles save lives

In accidents in which a vehicle drives off the road, most lives are lost in collisions with trees. The second highest number of casualties occurs in collisions with light poles. That’s why attenuating light poles can have a significant impact on road safety.

The principle behind safety poles is simple yet ingenious. The pole’s conical structure guarantees excellent static rigidity under all weather conditions from one year to the next. However, the innovative design of the pole’s lower section means that it will have sufficient give in the event of a collision: the pole will flex and coil up beneath the colliding vehicle and thereby safely reduce its momentum.

Standardized safety

Tehomet’s HE safety poles have been granted an EN 12767 certificate. HE safety poles of 9–12 m belong to the highest safety class 100, HE3. They can be used on all roads that require a special solution to promote traffic safety. The poles are installed using an embedded concrete element. Recommendations for safety pole foundations can be found on the product page for each product.

Tehometin HE-turvapylväs

Safety poles belonging to the highest HE class will coil up beneath a colliding vehicle and thereby safely reduce its momentum in a controlled manner.


Safe can also be stylish

A safety pole doesn’t need to be a dull, grey safety product. Tehomet’s vertical HE safety poles can also be supplied with special shafts (subject to certain limitations). Ask your Tehomet salesperson about customization options that will still comply with standards.

The surface treatment options available in our own paint shop offer almost unlimited possibilities for creating safe and unique roadside lighting for all roads.

Our sales team will be able to answer all of your questions about safety poles, so don’t hesitate to contact them!

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