Rhythm is everywhere – even in poles

Our Rytmi and Tempo poles can create exciting variations along a pedestrian or cycle lane. Rytmi has a round profile and Tempo is square, but otherwise their dimensions and principles are the same.

You can choose either a Piano wooden section (500 mm tall) or a Forte wooden section (1,500 mm tall). The wooden section of the pole can be placed at different heights, but the total heights of all the poles along the lane will remain the same.

This will get your outdoor lighting swinging to a whole new rhythm. How about dolce (sweetly) or maestoso (majestically)? Or even accelerando (gradually increasing in tempo) along an exercise route.

We recommend Rytmi and Tempo wooden poles for

  • parks and gardens
  • squares
  • city centres and pedestrian/cycle lanes
  • residential areas
Rytmi P04 6

Weight (kg)




Pole shape

even thickness

Lighting height (m)


Shaft top diameter (mm)


Arm/cross arm type

no arm

Spigot diameter (mm)


Embedding (mm)


Base embedding diameter (mm)


Base diameter (mm)


Base height (mm)


Door width x height (mm)


Connection compartment internal dimensions (mm)


Distance door bottom to ground (mm)


EN40 capacity FI (22 m/s, CAT2, class A) m²


Surface treatment of wooden parts

The long service life of wooden poles requires a proven surface treatment. We use a surface treatment system developed by the Finnish Teknos. Below you will find samples of the standard colors of Tehomet’s wooden light poles.

Read more about wood surface treatment on the Wood Protection and Surface Treatment page.


wooden pole colors


Surface treatment of steel parts

Steel parts are galvanized  according to international standard SFS-EN ISO 1461, layer thickness typically <90 μm.

You can see the standard colors of the metal parts of the wooden light poles below. Read more about our painting service on the Painting Service page.

jalustan metallivärit