The play of light and shadow on a wooden surface

Ruka Profile is a non-tapering, square wooden pole that can be given a whole new look by planing a pattern onto some or all of its sides. You can choose a profile from our collection of concave or convex grooves, or design a unique profile to suit your own project.

Ruka Loimu takes special effect surfaces to a whole new level. Loimu’s unique 3D surface patterns are created using CNC-machining, in which the pattern is cut directly into the glulam surface. This pattern can be anything from a small decorative motif on part of the pole to a design that covers the pole’s entire surface. Ruka Loimu poles are available with square, conical square or rectangular cross sections.

Both the planed Ruka Profile and CNC-machined Ruka Loimu create an exciting play of light and shadow on the pole’s surface – during both the day and night.

We recommend Ruka Profile and Ruka Loimu for

  • parks and gardens
  • squares
  • city centres and pedestrian/cycle lanes
  • residential areas
  • urban streets and roads
  • parking areas

And as with customizations for any other Tehomet products, our professional sales team can help you choose the right product. You can find our sales team’s contact details on the “Contact Us” page.

Ruka Profile 5

Weight (kg)




Pole shape

even thickness

Lighting height (m)


Shaft top diameter (mm)


Arm/cross arm type

no arm

Spigot diameter (mm)


Embedding (mm)


Base embedding diameter (mm)


Base diameter (mm)


Base height (mm)


Door width x height (mm)


Connection compartment internal dimensions (mm)


Distance door bottom to ground (mm)


EN40 capacity FI (22 m/s, CAT2, class A) m²


Surface treatment of wooden parts

The long service life of wooden poles requires a proven surface treatment. We use a surface treatment system developed by the Finnish Teknos. Below you will find samples of the standard colors of Tehomet’s wooden light poles.

Read more about wood surface treatment on the Wood Protection and Surface Treatment page.


wooden pole colors


Surface treatment of steel parts

Steel parts are galvanized  according to international standard SFS-EN ISO 1461, layer thickness typically <90 μm.

You can see the standard colors of the metal parts of the wooden light poles below. Read more about our painting service on the Painting Service page.

jalustan metallivärit