Tehomet conical pole shafts

Tehomet’s conical poles offer a modern solution for road and street lighting. Their conical shape ensures an optimal ratio between the pole’s load capacity and its aesthetic appearance.

Standard-compliant conical poles have a base chamfer to facilitate installation and centering in a prefabricated foundation. The base chamfer also evenly distributes loads from the steel to the concrete.

Seamless conical shafts guarantee a visually flawless solution, and especially when the poles are painted or thermoplastic coated.

Their simple and stylish shaft can be easily paired with a broad range of arms and luminaries of various styles.


Dimensioning of products: standard SFS-EN 40-3-3

Manufacture of products: standard SFS-EN 40-5

Raw material: low-silicon steel (Si + P ≤ 0.04%)

Galvanizing: international standard SFS-EN ISO 1461, layer thickness typically <90 μm.

Luminaire fitting for conical poles: diameter 60 mm and length 100 mm.

Arm mounting: There are two sets of screws with a 3×120º pitch at the end of the pole (not straight conical poles) for easy and reliable attachment of the arm.


Weight (kg)




Pole shape


Lighting height (m)

Shaft top diameter (mm)


Arm/cross arm type

no arms

Arm outreach/cross arm width (mm)

Arm diameter (mm)


Spigot diameter (mm)

Embedding (mm)

Base diameter (mm)


Door width x height (mm)

Connection compartment internal dimensions (mm)

Distance door bottom to ground (mm)

EN40 capacity FI (21 m/s, CAT2, class A) m²


For a shaft alone, we do not give a recommendation for foundation, because the choice of arm or cross arm has a substantial effect on the whole.

Contact our sales to get a foundation recommendation for the shaft and arm combination you choose.