Tehomet conical poles

Tehomet’s conical poles offer a modern solution for road and street lighting. Their conical shape ensures an optimal ratio between the pole’s load capacity and its aesthetic appearance.

Standard-compliant conical poles have a base chamfer to facilitate installation and centering in a prefabricated foundation. The base chamfer also evenly distributes loads from the steel to the concrete.

Seamless conical shafts guarantee a visually flawless solution, and especially when the poles are painted or thermoplastic coated.

Their simple and stylish shaft can be easily paired with a broad range of arms and luminaries of various styles.


Dimensioning of products: standard SFS-EN 40-3-3

Manufacture of products: standard SFS-EN 40-5

Raw material: low-silicon steel (Si + P ≤ 0.04%)

Galvanizing: international standard SFS-EN ISO 1461, layer thickness typically <90 μm.

Luminaire fitting for conical poles: diameter 60 mm and length 100 mm.


Weight (kg)




Pole shape


Lighting height (m)


Shaft top diameter (mm)


Arm/cross arm type

no arms

Arm outreach/cross arm width (mm)

Arm diameter (mm)

Spigot diameter (mm)


Embedding (mm)

Base diameter (mm)


Door width x height (mm)

Connection compartment internal dimensions (mm)

Distance door bottom to ground (mm)

EN40 capacity FI (21 m/s, CAT2, class A) m²