Raw materials for steel poles

Tehomet mainly uses low-silicon structural steel as the raw material for its steel light poles. A low silicon and phosphorus content ensures an excellent base for a neat and high-quality galvanized surface.


Tehomet uses structural steel as the raw material for its steel light poles. The raw materials are usually steel sheets or tubular pieces that can be further processed to create a wide variety of shapes.

Steel is an excellent material for making uniquely shaped custom products, as we have a broad range of production and jointing methods at our disposal.

Steel is also widely available in various shapes, which means we can find the optimal profile to both carry the required load and create the desired aesthetic. Different alloys will also affect the steel’s malleability and other properties.

A high-quality base for hot-dip galvanization

We mainly use low-silicon structural steel in which the combined percentage of silicon and phosphorus does not exceed 0.04%. This alloy ensures a good base for a neat and high-quality hot-dip galvanized surface, which itself provides an excellent base for powder coating or wet painting. You can influence the film thickness of the galvanized surface by adjusting the silicon content of the steel, and low-carbon steels can be used to achieve a film thickness of less than 100 μm.

All of the structural steel we use is CE marked in accordance with the required product standards. The most commonly used standards are EN 10025-1 and EN 10149-2 for sheet materials and EN 10219-1 for tubular profiles.