Pole guards

Tehomet’s pole guards can protect a pole from dents and scratches in the kind of surroundings where collisions are likely. Protection seeks to prevent any permanent damage that would require the pole to be replaced. Tehomet’s guards can also be used to protect trees.

Four-legged model
Height 1900 mm

Three-legged semicircular model
Height 1200 or 500 mm

Two-legged semicircular model
Height 1200 or 500 mm

Base guards

A base guard can put the finishing touches to an installation by covering a flange plate or the visible section of the foundation. The guard can also be surrounded by decorative paving. A small amount of protection will also be provided against dents and scratches from work machinery.

Base guards are always tailored to the structure’s dimensions on a project-by-project basis. They can be made of hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel. Guards can also be given the same surface treatment as the pole or surrounding structures.


Collision Protection Guards

Total height 950 mm
Embedded in the ground to a depth of 250 mm
Shaft diameter Ø 89 mm
Width 490 mm

Available galvanized or painted
Can also be equipped with reflective tape

Also available as a variety of bollard solutions.