Pole installation accessories and mountings

Anchor bolt cages and flange plates

Anchor bolt cages

Poles and masts can be equipped with a flange plate to enable anchor bolt cage installation.

The anchor bolts can be precisely positioned with the aid of a casting mould and a template.

The size of the anchor bolt cages will vary depending on the spacing of the flange holes and the dimensions of the pole. Custom models are also available on request.

Standard anchor bolt cages are available for flanges with standard hole spacing:


pulttikoripulttikori harjateräs

Electrical number Type Flange hole spacing, mm Dimensional drawing
Anchor bolt cage 1 200


Anchor bolt cage 2 250


Anchor bolt cage 3 325


Anchor bolt cage 4 325


Anchor bolt cage 5 400


Anchor bolt cage 6 450


Anchor bolt cage 7 500


Anchor bolt cage 8 550


Flange plates

Standard flanges are available in square and circular versions.

Square flanges are typically used for decorative wooden poles.

Sliding flanges and hinged flanges are also available to facilitate maintenance.

Round standard flange plate, types L1–L8.

Electrical number Type External diameter ∅ mm Flange hole spacing mm Bolt Number/spacing of bolts
L1 260 200 M16 4/90°
L2 325 250 M20 4/90°
L3 420 325 M24 4/90°
L4 420 325 M24 4/90°
L5 500 400 M24 6/60°
L6 560 450 M30 6/60°
L7 620 500 M30 8/45°
L8 700 550 M36 8/45°


In some places, poles must be installed on walls. Tehomet also has suitable wall mounts for such situations. We can also supply a variety of base mounts for attaching poles to rocks or bridges.

Wall mount

For attaching a light pole to a wall or bridge.

The mount is fitted with adjustable screws to enable use with poles of various diameters. By adjusting the screws, you can also ensure that the pole is installed in a straight upright position.

WALL MOUNT Ø 100 – Ø 142
WALL MOUNT Ø 143 – Ø 180

Base mount for rock

For installing a light pole on a rock surface. The upper section has adjustable screws to ensure that the pole can be installed in a straight upright position.

There are two sizes of bolt available for use with poles of varying diameters.

Guides for centring the pole can be found inside the base mount.



Wall bracket

Mounting plate height 200 mm

Hole spacing 170 mm

5° inclination


Electrical number Type Arm length mm Arm diameter ∅ mm Wall plate mm Hole spacing mm Mounting hole ∅ mm
SV101/60 100 60 80 x 200 170 10
SV102/48 200 48 80 x 200 170 10
SV102/60 200 60 80 x 200 170 10
SV105/48 500 48 80 x 200 170 10
SV105/60 500 60 80 x 200 170 10

Wall bracket with vertical adapter


Type Spigot adapter diameter mm Hole spacing mm Spigot adapter diameter ∅ mm Spigot adapter height ∅ mm Outreach mm
128 77 60 100 100

Cross arms

Cross arms for installing floodlights are available in various lengths according to the number of lights required.


Electrical number Type Spigot adapter diameter ∅ mm Spigot adapter height ∅ mm Cross arms width mm
T005/89 89 250 500
4608528 TO10/89 89 250 1000
4608529 TO15/89 89 250 1500

Siipi-floodlight adapter

Mounting brackets enable you to attach a variety of lights without using fixed spacing between mounting holes. The adapter is also easy to modify. It can be attached directly to a steel pole shaft or, for wooden models, to a wooden shaft with the aid of a mounting plate.

Directional range ±40°

Feedthrough rubber for cabling

There are two models available:

01 A straight version for use when the light’s mounting piece has a cable hole through the center,

02 A stepped model for use when there is no ready-made cable hole in the mounting piece.


Pole adapters

You can use a sleeve socket to make the top of a pole larger or smaller to fit a variety of luminaires.

Pole adapter 60/76

Pole adapter 60/48, 76/60

Electrical number Type Pole top d1 mm Spigot d2 mm Spigot length mm
Pole adapter 60/48 60 48 100
Pole adapter 60/76 60 100
Pole adapter 76/60 76 60 100

P102 1-os. varsi

T102 2-os. varsi

T101/60 haarakappale

Electrical number Type Pole top d1 mm Arm diameter ∅ mm Outreach mm Spigot d2 mm Spigot length mm
4606118 P102 1-OS. VARSI 60 60 200
4606119 T102 2-OS. VARSI 60 60 200
4609440 T101/60 HAARAKAPPALE 60 60 100

If your site requires a non-standard mounting solution, we will be happy to help you choose the right package. If you can’t find a standard component that meets your needs, we will design and manufacture the required components.