Steel high masts 

Light masts are typically used in places that need lighting 24/7 and require consistent lighting over a large area. These include places such as ports, airports, car parks, industrial areas and sports grounds.

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Powerful light from above

Tehomet’s light masts provide safe and pleasant lighting for everything from small car parks to international sports arenas. Our product range covers the entire spectrum of masts, from 10-metre lighting solutions to masts of over 40 metres in height for ports and sports grounds.

Hot-dip galvanization ensures a long service life. Hot-dip galvanized masts can also be painted in your desired colour to further improve their anti-corrosion protection.


Tehomet’s conical steel masts are an unbeatable solution when you need tall structures. They are designed with a modular approach in order to attain heights of 20–50 metres in five-metre increments. The mast modules are assembled at the installation site using slip joints that are further secured with bolts.

A conical mast delivery may include cross arms, anchor bolts and casting templates, and safety ladders. Masts can be equipped with a variety of cross arms, service platforms and maintenance baskets.


Tehomet’s stepped masts are made from high-quality cylindrical steel tubing in accordance with the customer’s requirements. They can range from 20 to over 40 metres in height. The masts are assembled with screw joints, which makes them quick and easy to install.

A stepped mast delivery may include cross arms, anchor bolts and casting templates, and safety ladders. The masts can be equipped with a crown or a traditional cross arm. Service platforms and baskets will be tailor-made for the type of mast and its location.

Mast dimensioning

We design every light mast individually to meet the requirements of each site. The final result will depend on factors such as lighting loads, wind and installation conditions, local government regulations, and customer-specific requirements. The design of our products is Eurocode-compliant, and their manufacture is certified in accordance with the EN1090 standard required for CE marking.

Mast equipment

Tehomet’s light masts can be equipped with crowns or cross arms. A crown is good for 360° lighting, while a cross arm is better suited to directional lighting.

Other accessories for light masts include service platforms and baskets, safety ladders (including anti-climb devices) and motorized descending crowns/cross arms.

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Mast foundations

The foundations for masts are usually planned on a case-by-case basis. Prefabricated concrete foundations from a variety of manufacturers can be used for smaller masts. In practice, larger masts will always require anchor bolt foundations, usually cast in situ. As mast foundation loads are often relatively high, a structural engineer must be consulted as part of the design process – and, if necessary, soil testing should be carried out.

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Mast installation

Mast installation should be carefully planned. Tehomet’s professionals are always available to help if you need more information or assistance with installing a mast.