Steel pole maintenance

Steel makes long-lasting products

A hot-dip galvanized surface doesn’t usually require maintenance or repair. Road maintenance equipment may, however, cause mechanical damage to the surface of steel products. Larger scratches can be treated with cold zinc if necessary. The scratch should first be cleaned with a brass brush, and then thoroughly cleaned of abrasive dust. Cold zinc can then be applied to the scratched area in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Maintenance and touch-up painting

A painted product’s service life can be extended by cleaning it regularly and painting over scratches.

The substrate must always be thoroughly cleaned from grease and dirt before it is painted. Use an emulsifying washing agent, e.g. PELTIPESU, preferably together with an airless spray.

When using a detergent for cleaning, you must ensure that its pH value is suitable for the pole’s surface treatment and will not damage it.

Sanding the surface to matt is also recommended in order to secure the adhesion of the top coat. Washing agents and sanding dust is to be rinsed off with clean water.

Rust and loose paint are removed by sanding. Edges of the coating are feathered by sanding and the whole area to be coated is wiped with thinner.

The areas to be painted are primed with a suitable primer.

Whenever possible, touch-up painting should be done using the same paints and colours that were originally used. The working environment, painting conditions, pretreatment and painting method may all place limitations on what paints can be used. If you use paints that deviate from the originals, you should check that they are suitable for use with the zinc base and original paints.