Wooden pole maintenance

Finnish pine is a durable and long-lasting building material. Yet rain, sunlight and air pollution will gradually wear away the agents that protect the wood’s surface. Even when treated with the best possible protective agents and methods, wood will periodically require maintenance and re-protection.

Maintenance method

The main procedures required for inspecting and maintaining wooden poles are presented below. All basic maintenance can be carried out on-site with the pole in its normal upright position.

1. Inspection

Check for visual signs of wear or damage. A gradual loss of surface lustre will be noticeable over time, and irregularities and cracks may appear in the surface colour.

2. Cleaning

Mould may accumulate on the pole’s surface in rainy and humid conditions. Leaves and other debris from nearby trees may also dirty the pole’s surface and cause surface mould. In such cases, it is enough to brush the surface clean with a mild mould detergent.

3. Sanding and revarnishing

If brushing no longer helps or the clear varnish has begun to peel off, you should gently sand the loose varnish from the surface. Make sure to sand only gently, so that you don’t damage the tinted layer or the pole’s surface. You can then revarnish the pole.

Don’t delay maintenance

Wooden pole maintenance should not be limited to scheduled maintenance. You may also need to repair damage from accidents or vandalism. If a wooden pole’s surface has been damaged by a collision, it is advisable to protect the surface as quickly as possible to prevent moisture damage.

You can find more detailed instructions in the attached maintenance manual for wooden poles. This manual contains instructions for

  • the surface treatment method
  • recoating a wooden pole
  • repairing vandalism damage
  • taking measurements for colour matching.

Tehomet also sells a range of maintenance kits designed for the maintenance and repair of wooden poles – for everything from minor repairs to full services. Information about these maintenance kits can also be found in the maintenance manual for wooden poles.

We will be happy to advise you in all matters relating to wooden pole maintenance. So don’t hesitate to contact Sami if you have any concerns.

Sami Hämäläinen

Product Manager, wooden poles


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