Introducing design engineer Janne Laitinen

Janne has already gained diverse experience working at Tehomet

Despite being only 24 years old, Janne Laitinen is already an “old Tehomet employee”. Janne had time to get to know Tehomet’s steel lighting poles for three summers before starting in engineering as a designer.

“After high school, I went to study at Jyväskylä Polytechnic to become an electrical engineer, and in the first summer of my studies, I applied for a summer job in Kangasniemi, my home municipality. I got to work on Tehomet’s shop floor. The following summer, I was in the workshop again, getting the basic welding classes done, and getting to do the welding work. Even in the third summer, I worked in a workshop while finishing my thesis at the same time.”

In the autumn, Janne was offered a designer position at Tehomet, and there was no need to think about it for a long time.

“I have always returned to the same place for summer work because I enjoy working here. Tehomet has a good atmosphere both on the production side and here in the office. The company was founded in a small village, and everyone knows each other. Here, one feels like an individual in a different way than if there were hundreds of employees around.”

An important link in a smooth production chain

The workday of a new designer is spent, above all, on supporting sales and production to ensure that production keeps running smoothly. Janne has been able to do a wide range of design work on both standard products and more bespoke projects. There is a variety of challenges on the designer’s desk, and the work requires managing a large number of inventory products, custom products among subcontracting products, and parts. Janne is a systematic character, so he is used to keeping many strings in his hands naturally. The education of an electrical engineer and summer work in production help with the overall process that is followed in the sales, design and production chain.

“From the production side, I have gained an important feel for the materials, the technologies, and all the possibilities they provide. I still outline many of the products so that I have those welding gloves in my hands, and I build that product in my own head. Now, on the design side, I can already take into account the things that are more difficult to implement in production. It is rewarding when I get to streamline the production chain.”

Janne’s message is clear to all customers who are considering customising a standard product or going for a fully bespoke project, where everything is created from scratch.

“We are happy to make customised products at Tehomet, and we always listen to all the customer’s wishes. Challenges are solved together with the team, and special wishes are almost always successful, without any problems.”

Leisure on the go

In his free time, Janne moves around on his own or with a motor. Janne has already run five half marathons, and more are planned for the coming summers. In the winter, Janne goes cross-country skiing as much as possible, and goes to the gym. During the summer, Janne digs out his faster-paced hobby equipment: a motorcycle and a hobby car, a vintage Audi Quattro. Now that Janne has travelled in Finland on his motorcycle with a group of friends and a girlfriend, all the way to Lapland, he is already dreaming of longer trips, for example to Norway. Before next summer’s trips, Janne will have time to take part in many challenging customer projects during the winter, solve many technical problems, and help Tehomet’s customers achieve the best possible results. Make a note of the name. Much more will be heard about this dedicated young professional!


Contact information:

Design engineer
Janne Laitinen

Location: Kangasniemi
+358 400 386 855