Introducing logistics assistant Juho Manninen


Logistics assistant Juho Manninen ensures that the products made at Tehomet’s factory are smoothly delivered to customers at the right time


A successful logistics assistant must have their finger constantly on the pulse, and be aware of the pace at which work is progressing at the factory. Juho is used to keeping many irons in the fire and getting the job done – even if that sometimes means being flexible in terms of working hours.

Juho has always liked working with people, which is evident from his hobbies and work history. In his spare time, Juho has run an after-school club for children in Kangasniemi, and he also coached the local men’s second-division ice hockey team for ten years.

He spent 12 years in sales before joining Tehomet – and about five of those behind the wheel of a car as a touring salesperson. Juho enjoyed the challenge of doing traditional sales work with people, but the long days and ever-evolving schedules eventually led him to apply for a job that starts and ends at the office door.


Weekly plans, cargo documents and product packaging

Every Thursday, Juho draws up a plan that covers the essentials for the coming week: in what order work should be carried out, when goods will be shipped, how they will be transported, and where they are going. In addition to the employees and shift supervisors at the factory, other important partners and sources of information include the work supervisor at FSP (a painting company that operates in the same complex) and his contact at the transport company, K-S Rahti.

I think I’m pretty good with people. I’m sure my coaching background and my experience working in sales all help on that front. I listen, I watch, and I instinctively sense things about people – which maybe helps me to approach them in the most suitable manner at that moment

In one of his previous positions at a removal company, Juho used to coordinate dozens of vehicles and more than a hundred employees on busy moving days. This gave him a good understanding of how to manage changing situations without losing sight of the big picture.

I feel that one of the important aspects of my role is to ensure that things go as planned and stay on schedule, and also for the control I exert over this to go as unnoticed as possible. I try to make sure that everything goes smoothly and it’s easy for everyone to get along.

However, even the best-laid plans can’t prevent surprises, and Juho occasionally encounters issues that require a quick response. Although the majority of his working hours are spent sitting in his office in front of the computer, he also handles all kinds of tasks that require a trip to the factory.

Finishing and packaging wet-painted products before transport is an integral aspect of his job. Wet-painted products are typically large and complex in nature. Examples include the 500-plus poles that were delivered to support overhead contact lines for the Jokeri Light Rail line in 2021, and the massive multipurpose poles that were manufactured for Senate Square in Helsinki.


Free time spent on sports

Although Juho’s family and his children’s hobbies take up a lot of his free time, he also finds time for all kinds of sports and exercise. After having played ice hockey competitively himself, the years he spent coaching were rewarding, if also time-consuming and somewhat draining. He didn’t always have as much time and energy left to work on his own training as he’d like. But now that he’s no longer coaching, Juho has had more time to focus on his own goals. And also to reach them: he may have just turned forty, but he’s now in the best physical condition he’s ever been in. However, Juho couldn’t quite give up coaching completely….

Last season, I came out of retirement to coach my daughter’s ringette team, which plays in the junior C league. We saw so much potential in the team that I wanted to get involved and help them realize it to the greatest possible extent. The season culminated in us playing in the Finnish Championship finals!


Working at Tehomet brings a sense of security and balance to everyday life

Tehomet gives Juho a sense of permanence and security amid the pandemic, inflation and other instability. He still has enough energy left to deal with everyday life, and doesn’t have to worry about whether the company will go bust next week or not.

I’m grateful, and really appreciate my job at Tehomet. I understand that being able to work in your hometown is no longer a foregone conclusion these days, and especially in such a successful environment.  For my part, I’ll do everything I can to ensure that things remain this way.

During its more than forty-year history, Tehomet has employed dozens of local professionals in Kangasniemi and Parikkala in Finland and Kiiu in Estonia. As the leading manufacturer of light poles and masts in the Nordic countries, Tehomet offers a front-row seat for future outdoor lighting and infrastructure construction.


Contact information:

Logistics Assistant
Juho Manninen

Location: Kangasniemi
+358 40 823 5343